Imagine what it would feel like to be able to replace over-the-counter medications with gentle and safe herbal remedies?

You can, even if you have never used herbs before!

Gain confidence in using herbs safely!

Learn from square one about the equipment, supplies, and herbs you need to build a useful herbal medicine cabinet that will help you manage your family's minor illnesses and injuries.

Take the mystery out of using herbs!

Gain knowledge of common herbs with multiple uses that are gentle and safe to use even for children. Recipes provided for colds, flus, minor cuts, abrasions, pain management, and more!

Put away fears that you will hurt your family with herbs!

I'll show you the safe practices for using herbal remedies, including dosage information. Includes access to a list of herbs you will want to avoid or use with utmost care.

The Apothecary Planner and Materia Medica is a comprehensive guide to begin your journey into natural well being. Kristi offers a lot of knowledgeable insight as to what is safe and effective for herbal healing in a format that feels like advice from a friend. From equipment to recipes to herbal knowledge, this book is chock full of information.

Cate S.
Learn all you need to start using herbs and remedies this week

Build your own home herbal medicine cabinet full of safe and easy to use remedies, effective for minor illnesses and injuries!

Checklist for equipment and supplies needed to build your apothecary

Important safety practices included such as learning how to check contraindications, herb-to-drug interactions, herb-to-herb interactions, and more

Advice on how to choose herbs + commonly used safe herbs list

Advice on where to get good herbs, shelf life, how to know if herbs are still good, etc.

Covers minor cuts & abrasion, cold & flu, pain management, stomach issues, female issues, and anxiety and sleep issues AND herbs that are indicated for each issue

17 simple starter recipes for new herbalists ranging from very simple to a little more complex (but still beginner level)

A starter materia medica: 20 printable cheat sheets covering 20 commonly used herbs + a blank sheet to use for further herbal study

The Apothecary Planner & Materia Medica is amazing! I have not in all my years come across such an informative book that is easy to read and better still to understand from a beginner's perspective. It is very well written in plain terms and the recipes are easy for any beginner to tackle with ease and confidence. Thank you so much for allowing me to review this book for will be a valuable book for any person venturing out into Natural Home Remedies

Poppy B.

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Kristi Stone

Kristi has been studying and using herbs for the better part of her adult life, especially in the area of anxiety, depression, and sleep issues. She has been writing on this topic as well as other homesteading topics for the past 10 years on her blog, She and her family live in Sunny Southern California on a one acre hobby farm where they work diligently to raise their own herbs, dairy, eggs, and produce.

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